The Guest House Gramatikova house is a family project and it is located in historical centre of Brashlyan village on the outskirts of the Stranja Mointain. Strandja Nature Park is Bulgaria's largest nature park and one of the top eco-tourism destinations in Europe. We live and work here and give advice on holidays to this beautiful area. Through our work we want to contribute to Strandja's conservation and sustainable development. 

/ Veselin Gramatikov


 The nature in Strandja is blessed for it combines the sea, the mountain and the Mediterranean sun. The hidden sense of the antique inscription is clear - Strandja, inhabited by humans since prehistorical times, according to the beliefs of the ancient people, gives a strong spirit and a healthy body. Even nowadays everybody who comes to these lands is touched by the richness of Strandja's nature, bows down before the monuments of the ancient culture, and is fascinated by the spiritual heritage, preserved in the customs, traditions, folklore and mythology of the local people. Strandja is not a beaten tourist path but it offers a unique and beautiful tourist adventure. The old Strandja houses, filled with warmth and hospitality, offer a healing sense of comfort.


/ Veselin Gramatikov


A must-see small village situated 1 km inland from the road between Zvezdetz and Malko Tarnovo. Once a lively local center of sheep-farming, Brushlyan is now heavily depopulated with only 84 inhabitants, most of them over 60 years of age. This extremely picturesque spot features authentic examples of the typical Strandja timbered house going 300 years back in history. The village has the status of architectural and historic reserve and more than 80 sites in it have been proclaimed "monuments of culture". The local community has set up the Association for the Protection of the Nature and Historic Heritage of Brashlyan which succeeded in restoring the old village school and the chapels of St.Pantheleymon and St. Leftera, as well as the bell house of the St.Dimitar church. The outskirts of Brashlyan border on the Vitanovo nature reserve, the valley of the Veleka river and the Katun fishery.


/ Veselin Gramatikov

Gramatikova House is located in Brashlyan,

village on the outskirts of the Strandja Mountain . This extremely picturesque spot features authentic examples of the typical Strandja timbered house going 300 years back in history.





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